Water Treatments

A CLEAR pond doesn't mean a healthy pond but it sure looks nice!  What's the use of having fish if you can't see them?  Whether it's green water algae or suspended particles in the water we have chemicals and equipment that will help clear the water.

A CLEAN and HEALTHY pond isn't necessarily clear.  The water in a goldfish or koi pond must be BALANCED in order for it to stay clean and healthy.  By balancing we mean the nitrifying cycle must be in place.  Basically (and without going into too much detail here) two beneficial bacteria need to be present in the pond to convert deadly ammonia to deadly nitrites then convert deadly nitrites to safe nitrates (fertilizer for plants).  We have test kits for ammonia, nitrites, pH and nitrates.  Chemicals, enzymes and bacteria help establish the healthy nitrifying cycle and process waste from fish and plants.  We have agents that will get rid of foam from the surface of the water and add needed dissolved oxygen.  We have the product at the right price plus the information on how to use it!

Remove harmful chlorine from tap water by using dechlorinators.  Remove deadly effects from ammonia with detoxifiers.

Click HERE to learn more about the nitrifying cycle and how to keep your koi pond or water garden clear, clean and healthy!

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