UV's - Ultraviolet Water Clarifier

Ultraviolet Water Clarifiers (aka UV Lights) for Koi Ponds and Watergardens

Zap the water and clear up the pond with Ultraviolet rays.  Pond water runs through the unit and passes over intense ultraviolet lights to kill waterborn algae cells and what you end up with is clear water!  Size the unit strong enough and you'll kill bacteria too. 

We carry high and mid quality UVs but not the cheap plastic ones that fall apart.  Although they will cost more than the cheap ones they will save you money in the long run.  Emperor Aquatics, Aqua Ultraviolet, Zapp Purr and PondMaster Submersible UV's are a few of the brands we choose to carry.

One word of warning when finding the right size to use on your pond:  Do NOT believe the manufacturer's claims in almost all cases.  They tend to exaggerate the amount of water the UV will clear.  Many factors come into play when sizing a UV.  The amount of sunshine the pond gets, the amount of fertilizer in the water and the rate of flow through the unit all have a part in how well the unit works for you.  Click HERE to read more on how to size your UV. 

We have taken much of the guesswork out of finding the right UV and post on each of the units our estimate of how much water the particular unit will clear.

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