Pond Supplies

Products that work!  Pond Doc's Home & Garden's motto is to supply good products that work and work well to plan, build, populate and maintain a healthy koi pond, goldfish pond or water garden.  

Find equipment such as external and submersible pond pumps, biological and mechanical filters to keep the pond water clean and clear, ultraviolet water clarifiers and replacement parts for them, plumbing such as recirculating bottom drains, check valves, gate and ball valves, eduction jets, skimmers, and underwater lighting systems.  We love bead filtration and will help you design your system to get the best possible performance for your money!

Find live fish and the products to keep them healthy and happy!  We have koi, butterfly koi, shubunkins, comets, and other pond inhabitants that are healthy when they leave us!  We have medications and water treatments to fix what's wrong when your fish are sick.  We have healthy every day, seasonal and medicated foods including our own proprietary floating triple antibiotic food.

Find supplies to maintain a healthy and clean pond environment such as water clarifiers, algae busters, enzymes, dechlorinators, defoamers and more!

The best part is that we are here to help you use these products!