Fish Foods

 Fish Foods for Koi, Goldfish and Other Ornamental Pond Fish.  Choose from name brand and the Pond Doc's Own Doc's Prescription Staple, High Protein, Color Enhancing, Wheatgerm Seasonal and Medicated Triple Antibiotic Foods in Floating and Sinking Pellets.

Staple Foods - Good protein food for everyday from late spring until late autumn or when water temperatures stay above 64 degrees.  Doc's Prescription M-Grow food is a staple food.

Color Enhancing Foods - Same good protein everyday food as staple food and also contains spirulina to bring out the reds in koi and goldfish.  Doc's Prescription M-Color food is a color enhancing food.

High Protein - High in protein, these foods promote fast growth and are the healthiest but more expensive.  Fed everyday during season (water temps above 64 degrees F).  Doc's Prescription M-Grow GOLD is a high protein fish food.

Wheatgerm Seasonal Food - This food is lower in protein and contains wheatgerm so it's easily digested.  Feed during the fall and early spring when water temperatures are between 50 and 64 degrees F.  Doc's Prescription M-Wheat is a wheatgerm based food.

Antibiotic Medicated Food - Antibiotic foods are milled with and/or coated with antibiotics.  Feed these foods in water temperatures above 64 degrees (the higher the better) to treat bacterial infections in koi and goldfish.  Doc's Prescription Triple Antibiotic Floating, Sinking and Original Formula are all great medicated foods.

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